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The founding team

These people have been here since the very start! Much dedication!

Kathleen Xiao

Project Wiz

Angela Kang

Project Wiz

Eugene Soo

Recruitment Wiz

Anne Gu

Community Wiz

Anny Xie

Events Wiz

Kerry Kang

Design Wiz

Lydia Jiang

Social Media Wiz

Tony Xie

Marketing Wiz

The backbone of the group

Without these people helping us to moderate the group to be a fun and inclusive space, we would never be where we are!

- Zoe Imansjah

- Sandra Chen

- Irene Chan

- Eevie Nguyen

- Kaise Tang

- Mickey Hua

- Andrew Kyong

- Ai-Ling Khoo

- James Liang

- Lily Do

- Alan Chen

- Linh Thái

- Kaiyi Tang

- Yang Chen

- Ben Wu

- Don Hua

- Nathan Wang

- Sydney Cho

- Jake Ho

- Jennifer Zhan

- Darren Qiang

- William Zheng

- William Grylls

- Irfan Abid Hossain

- Kira Chu

- Matthew Fong

- Jenny Nguyen

- Keshara Senanayake

- David Yang

- Kevin Abon

Want to join the team?

Check our group announcements to see if we are recruiting more team members!

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