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subtle asian traits


a Facebook community for all asians


• To report a post click on the three dots at the top right of a post and press "report to group admins"
• To report a comment, hold on the comment and press "report to group admins" 

Message a moderator with evidence and we will handle the situation from there. As admins and mods, we can search their name up from the 'Members' tab and click on them to see their recent activity on posts and (on PC/laptop) see how many deleted posts/comments/mutes the person has. 

Deleted comments, mutes and removals are handed out based on a person's inappropriate behaviour within the group and punishment is decided on a case-by-case basis by admins/mods and are non-negotiable unless evidence is provided. 

Your post was most likely taken down because it does not follow the rules or if the comments are inappropriate. How do I know if a post is relevant or not? Read the rules listed out in the group description! If you are still unsure you can submit it anyway and it will get approved or rejected accordingly.

We get an enormous amount of submissions a day and all the admins and mods do have lives outside of facebook. We can only approve posts from the start of the queue on mobile which may explain why some posts are approved much faster. On the computer however we can also approve posts from the back, if you post is stuck in the middle it will be approved from the back which can take more than a week unfortunately. Please DO NOT message us to approve your post. We ask you to be patient and we will eventually get to you!

We currently are on Instagram and Facebook. If we decide to expand to other platforms we will let you know! 

Admin Team:

Angela Kang, Kerry Kang, Anne Gu, Tony Xie, Anny Xie, Lydia Jiang, Darren Qiang, Kathleen Xiao, Eugene Soo 

Moderator Team:

Andrew Kyong, Alan Chen, Sandra Chen, Ai-Ling Khoo, Ellie Gu, Linh Thái, Irfan Abid Hossain, Eevie Nguyen, James Liang, Yang Chen, Sydney Cho, Keshara Senanayake, William Grylls, Jenny Nguyen, Kira Chu, Lianna Kifli

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